Check out new models AC/DC, Paul Weller, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Page, Slash, The Beatles plus 30 plus frames added. Remember we can do any artist in any frame....

Guitar Miniatures

About Us


The idea of Guitar Miniatures started in 2008 after a successful 13 years of live music promotion and band management. Our first ever display was an Eddie Cochran display featuring a 10cm dolls house guitar model and four plectrums and an idea grew. Very soon we were framing 10" models and in no time we had a range of 20 or so. 

In 2011 we were contacted by a German company who wanted to stock our framed guitars and before we knew it other outlets in the UK & Europe wanted them too and soon demand was out stripping our supplies. Instead of using a third party to import the guitars, we went direct to the manufacturer and started selling the guitars individually as well as framed. Not only did our range grow so did our framed range and many other styles introduced.

In 2015 and frustrated with the lack of range we decided to commission our own style of guitars and keyrings and that idea and range is still growing every month. We now have over 50 of our own designs (exclusive and super exclusive) and we plan to double this by the end of 2020.

Our aim is to give you the customer the biggest & best range at the best prices with a service that is second to none...and long may we continue to do so.